Sentosa is a fish serve over counter whose stregnht is represented by modularity, as it permits its adaptability to different spaces and also the possibility of being implemented at a later time.

The curvy and minimal design gives a modern look to the environment, thanks to the use of a material that reflects the high technology and quality of the structure, which is designed to last.

The bright glass displays enhance the fish exposed and highlight its freshness and goodness.

The serve over counter SentosaST is a Mondel’s project that allows maximum flexibility both in the purchase and in case of future expansions.
It is equipped with a static cooling system that allows to keep the fish fresh as just caught.

This solution will make the presentation of the products even more dramatic (also) thanks to a sleek stainless steel hat complete with lighting.

SentosaVT is a large stainless steel refrigerated display unit with ventilated refrigeration full of static evaporator with fan that ensures a suitable temperature for the maintenance of the products.

Operators can also take advantage of a comfortable work plan which facilitates the management of space, while water drainings for daily washing permit to preserve SentosaVT always clean and tidy.

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