Mondel’s Maui 1 is a refrigerated display counter for fish which combines the strenght and solidity of steel, it is characterized by a stainless steel tank specific for fish storage in saline environments.

This particular refrigerated display counter is easy to maintain, and it is useful to anyone who wants to have fish as freshly caught.

The care for the finishing touches, the special attention in processing technologies and in the exhibitor assembly give life to a really efficient product.

In order to preserve the fish freshness Mondel proposes the refrigerated display counter Maui DC, which has large refrigerated display cases that invite customers to linger in front of a large exposition which makes them eager to buy.

The glass brightness together with the steel strenght make the serve over counter’s content stand out in all its splendour, while the wide work surface and the cleaning water drainings make Maui DC a handy solution easy to employ.

Maui 5 is a refrigerated display counter easy to clean, being provided with water drainings that facilitate the daily washing and that help keep always a perfect hygiene. Besides being a modern and refined material, the stainless steel keeps unchanged over the time even if in contact with saline environments.

Moreover Maui 5 is characterized by massive ellipsoidal legs that ensure solidity and stability to the structure.

The fully stainless steel display area of Maui 2 is designed to contain all the freshness of the fish. The robustness and transparency of the tempered glass allow to obtain a product able to maintain the fish storage temperature and it is also possible to see the products inside.

Moreover the refrigerated display counter Maui 2 meets the needs of the operators providing a practical working plan (on which to operate).

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