disposer Evolution

The disposer Evolution 200 is a simple solution for the disposal of waste.
Integrated with ease and discretion under the sink , the sink chops effortlessly organic waste , animals and plants that are automatical­ly disposed in the drain through the system of local water tre­atment or a septic tank .
Evolution 200 can handle ALL the wet waste . Security is not a pro­blem , the ring of crushing that works so efficiently is safe and free of blades, it is made with a three-stage dissipation technology that ensures maximum silence .
Need the normal plumbing jobs and a source of electrical power adjacent !
It ‘ important that a qualified technician perform some checks to Vs. domestic sewage and take some preventive measures :
– Type of kitchen sink : steel, plastic , ceramic, marble
– Sink drain hole diameter ( 3.5 ” – 90 mm and / or 2.5 ” – 60mm )
– Age of the plant , material and height of the drain pipe wall from floor
– Section , slope and clean condition of the horizontal parts
– Distance from the vertical column of the sink drain
– Existence of deposits in the exhaust pipes
– Existence in the path : siphon wells , septic tank
– Cleaning preventive sewage pipes horizontal until the vertical column .

• Small dimensions
• installation system Quick-Lock ™ for easier and faster installation
• Overload protection
• Elements dissipating stainless steel
• Induction motor with high torque
Dura-drive torque
• 30 months warranty valid only n the Italian territory
• For assistance, war­ranty repair
abroad, contact the service center
Sinkerator closest (www.insinkerator.com)
• Toll free number from Italy 800 430 078 (direct you to some service assistance abroad)

• Food w
aste is shredded into particles of small size and disposed
with the discharge wa­ter in a few seconds
• Cleaning, hygiene, convenience and ease of use
• Facilitates manage­ment of food waste
home, saving time and
reducing transportation costs and landfill
• Permanent solution and compact installa­tion under the sink that
saves space
• Respectful to the environment, allows
reduce waste landfilled

– Fruits and vegetables cooked and raw;
– Bread and pasta cooked and raw;
– Meat and fish cooked and raw;
– Small bones (chicken, rabbit);
– Cheese.

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