Antilia is the right product to make spectacular exhibition and tasting of fish and food products. It has a circular frame in stainless steel that allows two distinct functions: to display and to counter tasting. The external covering is made in carbon and shaped in Corian, while the inner lining is made entirely of Corian.

Its tank for the food storage is entirely composed of stainless steel AISI 304, for saline environments, and it is protected by a structure with glasses inclined in segment and a top glass shelf full of illumination. The freshness of the food is also guaranteed by a atomizer and water drains with retina protection useful for the daily washing of the tank.

The practicality of the structure of Antilia is unequivocal: the central area of work is complete with a stainless steel sink, washing glasses and comfortable branches; the area of food preservation is instead characterized by cold room in the bottom. Also the basis of Antilia is something unique: the stainless steel base firm and safe is illuminated on the outside of a bundle of led lights that give depth and thickness to the whole structure.

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