The success of Mondel at Host 2015

Host, the international exhibition of the hospitality industry, has confirmed the absolute quality of our high-performance technology display units and has revealed its most innovative, competitive and customizable aspects. The Milan event saw over 150,000 professional visitors, 40% of whom are foreigners and strongly interested in the Made in Italy.

The highly flexible Cali, the spectacular Antilia, the sinuous Cook, the practical Boga and the back counter Titti VT Glass proved to be our most exciting products during the event and attracted the attention of many international buyers.

Cali, the most versatile display of Mondel, stands out for its clean and rational shape. Renovated in personalized finishes (such as wooden presented at Host), meets every need of food preservation and at the same time flexibility in planning and design, offering maximum freedom in form.

Antilia is the right product to make spectacular exhibition and tasting of fish and food products. It has a circular frame in stainless steel that allows two distinct functions: as a display unit and as a counter tasting.

Cook, thanks to his resistance steel and tempered glass, is able to maintain the freshness of fish between its beautiful and rounded shape. The frontal tubular electro hand welded allows Cook to be shaped with any type of curve and to satisfy innovative solutions with cutting edge geometries.

Boga is Mondel’s mobile showcase dedicated to the preservation of cold dishes in the catering industry. Its stainless steel tank and the cooling unit installed on the inside bring the conservation of food to an optimal level. Its special finishes, including wood allow him to become an important piece of furniture in the room where it is inserted.

Titti VT Glass is designed as a combination of transparency, light and technology in a modern design with materials chosen with care and attention to detail, which allow you to bring out the best features and characteristics of the products displayed.