18 September 2019


La Mondel ha il piacere di presentarVi l’ANGOLO DELLE OCCASIONI con il nostro MODELLO LINUS SPECIALE Questo espositore speciale ha una lunghezza di 2,2 metri ed […]
18 September 2019


Mondel is pleased to present you the OPPORTUNITY CORNER with our ANTILIA MODEL This special circle-shaped display has a diameter of about 4 and a half […]

The best-selling fish and seafood case around the world.

Advanced technology, innovative, high-quality materials, and the strength and solidity of stainless steel. These are just a few of the traits of Mondel’s Maui display case, which has been providing fresh, excellently preserved fish and seafood for over 20 years.

This refrigerated display case is able to meet the needs of every fish market and features a practical countertop on which to work. It is also easy to clean thanks to a drainage system that facilitates daily cleaning so that your display case is always perfectly sanitary. Maui is a convenient, easy-to-use solution.

Crystal-clear glass and the strength of steel show off the contents of this refrigerated display case in all its splendor, while its wide, rounded legs lend solidity and stability to the entire structure.

These spacious refrigerated display cases invite your customers to marvel at the delights within and to then make a purchase. The strength and transparency of tempered glass enable this display case to maintain a constant temperature in order to optimally preserve your fish and seafood. The stainless-steel case itself is specifically designed for the preservation of fish in a salt-rich setting.

Attention to detail and to construction and assembly technologies make for a product you won’t be able to do without.


Technical Area

Base sections and e accessories.

The expertise of our entire team is at your disposal for all customization request concerning structures, accessories, design and finish.