Linus VT

Mondel’s Linus1 VT is a wall display case without base with a stainless steel exhibition area.
Its flessibility gives the possibility to adjust the three shelves according the customer’s needs in order to exhibit optimally the products.

Technology and efficiency are ensured by the presence of a control panel with an electronic thermostat and a ventilated refrigeration. Linus1 VT guarantees a visible and captivating food presentation.

A proper lighting could influence the customers’ choice and encourage the purchase.

This is the reason why the wall display counter Linus2 VT is equipped with a light positioned over the top in order to emphasize its content. Being provided with a ventilated refrigeration this product is the ideal solution for food storage and to preserve its freshness.

The wall display counter Linus3 VT is the ideal solution for food presentation and storage. This particular model is equipped with refrigerated storage with doors and ventilated refrigeration.

The top lighting immediately arouses the customers’ attention encouraging the purchase. This product has been created to maintain food for a long time and it is made of long lasting high quality materials.

Linus 4VT is a wall ventilated display counter provided with three adjustable stainless steel shelves, which are perfect to hold food preserving its freshness and goodness.
Thanks to an advanced refrigeration system this product is ideal to storage perishable goods. Linus4VT’s technology uses a precise frame of commands with electronic thermostat which is simple to use.

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