Bancarella vert. e orizzontale

Mondel has desgined Bancarella verticale refrigerated display for those clients who like to choose carefully their products. This display unit allows to place out / arrange the fish enhancing its aspect and aesthetic features.

Moreover it is equipped with an evaporator plate insulated on the scanner glass, which is the result of a technological research applied to a product that is even more effective and efficient.

Mondel proposes a horizontal refrigerated dispaly to guarantee an optimal fish storage. This modern refrigerated display allows to keep the aroma and freshness of freshly caught fish, besides proposing it to the public with order and elegance.

The tank made entirely of stainless steel is desgined to last for a long time remaining in contact with saline environments.

A product that does not forget the practical side, thanks to the water drainings that facilitate its proper cleaning.

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