18 September 2019


La Mondel ha il piacere di presentarVi l’ANGOLO DELLE OCCASIONI con il nostro MODELLO LINUS SPECIALE Questo espositore speciale ha una lunghezza di 2,2 metri ed […]
18 September 2019


Mondel is pleased to present you the OPPORTUNITY CORNER with our ANTILIA MODEL This special circle-shaped display has a diameter of about 4 and a half […]

Clean, elegant lines for a sophisticated design

If you’re looking for a functional, high-quality deli case with a captivating design, Mondel’s Delta is for you. The elegant, clean lines of this model are certain to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Delta is a new type of display case and comes in two versions: Delta VT and Delta MVS. Delta VT is a ventilated-refrigeration display case suited, in particular, to the preservation of deli meats and cheeses, while Delta MVS is particularly suited to the preservation of beef and poultry, as the dual static ventilation system minimizes humidity loss from the products it contains.

This Mondel display case comes in a range of glass shapes and types in order to match the style and needs of the setting in which it is used. The display case also much easier to clean due to the ample space within the case and the ease with which metal shelving can be removed.

Meat, deli meats and cheeses will be on full display thanks to specially designed lighting that will exalt your products and encourage your customers to make a purchase.


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