Mondel’s fish display counters are design products that become an integral part of the inox furniture of fish shops and supermarkets, as well as of restaurants and luxury places. The refrigerated display units for fish are real elements of attraction for customers, to be placed in the nerve centre of the business. The excellent management of cold is guaranteed by the use of high technology and innovative top quality materials. Being built entirely of stainless steel great durability is the strenght of these fish shop equipment, in fact this material is able to remain unaffected despite some peculiar features of the products on display, such as the high salinity. Mondel’s refrigerated display counters are the right solution for fish storage, being able to maintain for a long time freshness and naturalness.


Banco Maui 1

Mondel’s Maui 1 is a refrigerated display counter for fish which combines the strenght and solidity …

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Maui VT

Stainless steel is the backbone of the solid structure of Maui VT. This exhibitor of fish …

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Its classic and elegant line allows to Papua to be at ease in any environment, from …

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gida2 4

The fish counter Gida consists of a display area made entirely of stainless steel AISI 316 …

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Bancarella vert. e orizzontale

Mondel has desgined Bancarella verticale refrigerated display for those clients who like to choose carefully their …

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haiti 05

Haiti is Mondel’s refrigerated dispaly counter for fiah which can be moved according to the clients’ …

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Banco Sentosa

Sentosa is a fish serve over counter whose stregnht is represented by modularity, as it permits …

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When Mondel talks about its capacity of adaptability to any space and solutions for every kind …

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coiba180 1

Glass and steel are strong and efficient materials which assume a fluid and dynamic aspect. This …

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Coiba – pescheria

Banco Coiba

Mondel’s Coiba is the innovative fish refrigerated display unit in which the transparency of the sea …

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The refrigerated display for fish Cook is one of the most versatile Mondel products. Its stainless …

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Antilia is the right product to make spectacular exhibition and tasting of fish and food products. …

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canaima 5

Canaima is the fish counter that catches the eye, thanks to the sophisticated and captivating lines …

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Cuba is the refrigerated display for fish Mondel suitable for storage of frozen fish. The construction …

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Banco Cali

Cali is Mondel’s intelligent serve over counter, which is able to regulate the right temperature to …

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Coiba e Canaima angolo

Coiba and Canaima are among the exhibitors for fish Mondel that most catch the eye. Their …

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disposer Evolution

The disposer Evolution 200 is a simple solution for the disposal of waste. Integrated with ease …

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stainless steel panel frontal closure counter supplied bare, ready to take customer own tiles ceramic upper …

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