Mondel is located in Solesino, which is in the province of Padua. The company is specialized in planning and manufacturing of fish refrigerated display units, and deli and butcher displays, moreover it also has a long years experience in the production of restaurant equipment.

Mondel excels, in fact, the creation of spaces that contribute to increase the working efficiency, easy to use and practical, which ensure the preservation of fresh fish, meat or other foods.

All the products are manifactured in order to satisfy the operators’ several needs, who are looking for customizable solutions according to the space available. In order to guarantee an excellent food storage the components of the refrigerated display cases are made with high quality materials.

Mondel’s strenght is the enhancement of the products’ aesthetic impact as well as the functionality and the flexibility in design and technology.

Mondel’s refrigerated display cases enhance the quality of the products exposed besides emphasizing their freshness. Among Mondel’s proposals one can also find suspended refrigerated display units of several sizes.

Finally it is important to underline that mondel’s products are certified by Vision 2000, it a global recognition that guarantees the highest quality as well as the company effectiveness, which is also reflected in the customers’ fidelity.