Welcome in Mondel

In Mondel we combine ingenuity and professionalism to undertake even the most ambitious projects, making for many years refrigerated display counters able to respond to all the needs of the operators.

The solutions we provide for the preservation of food are designed to be suitable to any kind of space, thanks to a wide range of refrigerated display counters, which differ not only for capacity but also for form, type and finish.

The planning stage is foundamental for our company, the continuous work of a team of experts always leads to the creation of new fish, catering and gastronomy refrigerated display counters, which are known and used even at an international level.

Mondel’s refrigerated display counters stand out not only for high technical performances and high functionality, but also for their aesthetic improvement to the environment.

Mondel’s whole range of products is designed to present food in a captivating way inside the refrigerated display counters, in order to make the customer eager to buy.

There are many proposals to choose from, in the website one / you will be able to find all the products divided according to their use, such as fish counters, catering or deli counters and also the custom made counters. One / you can also find suspended stainless steel displays and back counters units with a modern and innovative design whose .quality and durability are guaranteed.